Hi all!
Like Ray (aka me Treacle), I love my make-up, but I was thinking the other day that not everyone can afford the finer things in life, and it shouldn’t mean that looking good should be sacrificed just because of the financials! I am one of many in a bit of a financial rut as I have just left university and started a new job, I am sure there are a good few post grads out there that can identify with this situation. To cut a long story short, while thinking about this I sent me Treacle a text and asked her if she had ever tried 17 make-up as it is bank balance friendly and is great quality, to which her reply was that I should do a guest blog for her about it, so here we are!
Like any other typical girl, I have way too many products that will probably pass their use by date before I can actually use them all up, so I’m going to run through the 17 products I own and tell you why they’re so brilliant.
I have over 60 nail polishes (disgraceful I know), however I have to admit I am a Barry M fan all the way, although I do have 3 17 polishes: a bright pink one which I love, a green one which should be banned, and a basecoat, so I’ll skim past polishes and move straight over to lipsticks.
As we know, Ray is a fan of ‘nude’ lipsticks, and so am I; I just can’t pull off bright shades at all without looking ‘manish’. I have three 17 lipsticks which are all from their ‘Sheer Moisture’ collection, which you can find in Boots at £4.29 each – bargain!

My favourite shades are Balmy Beige, Antique Lace, and Berry Silk, swatches below:

I love these lipsticks because as they are sheer they leave just the right amount of colour and feel quite hydrating too. I am more of an eyes than a lips girl though, so I like a lipstick I can just pop in my handbag and carry around all day, plus these go with anything as they’re very subtle, but could also be built up a bit for more of an evening look.
These are my favourite 17 eyeshadows:

Funfair, Viva Diva, Rose Quartz, Night Sky, Starry Eyes trio in Neptune, and Dolly Mixture. Solo shadows swatched.

There doesn’t look to be many, but I’ve had a lot of fun creating several different looks with these. At £3.89 for the solos, £5.49 for Dolly Mixture and £4.99 for Neptune, you can play around with them guilt free in the knowledge that they were a bargain, and that a little also goes a long way.
 Here are some of my favourite looks with these shadows:
Here (above), I used Funfair on my eye lid, then lined it with Viva Diva, and lined the bottom lid with Rose Quartz. Unfortunately my usually fabulous camera is having trouble focussing and I haven’t been able to capture the look properly
It’s really hard to make out the shades I’ve used on this photo, but this is actually the Neptune trio. I applied the gold shades to my eye lid, the purple shadow on the outer corner and socket line, then lined it with the really dark shade. It’s a great evening look, and I wore it a lot in the winter months of last year – especially Christmas.

Here I’ve used the Dolly Mixture trio, it’s not for everyone but personally I love it! All you need to finish it off is a good coat of mascara! The only downside to this is the yellow needs a lot of building up, but I find a primer such as Benefit Lemon Aid really helps here.
I use Funfair most days, as I haven’t seen a colour like it; it’s like a pinky-bronze which is subtle enough for day time but also fun to team up with vibrant jewel tones on an evening. Night Sky is great for adding the final touch to a smoky eye. All shades also work well applied with a soft eyeliner brush for a hint of colour
And lastly, I love 17 because they nearly ALWAYS have free gifts when you spend x amount of money or buy x amount of their products. Here are a couple of my freebies:
The palette on the left is the ‘Glam Rock Eye Palette’. I got this last December 2010 as a promotional gift and I find it handy for creating evening looks.
On the right is the ‘All About Nude – Summer Palette 2011’ which I got for buying two 17 products (base coat and Balmy Beige lipstick). The top row contains two eyeshadows, including my beloved Funfair, and also Walnut Pearl. I’ve been wearing these two shades together recently and I’m totally hooked!
On the bottom is Mirror Shine Lipstick in Belle (right), and Cream Blusher (left). I’ve only quickly tested the lipstick and I like it, I’ll definitely be using it. However, I have really rosy cheeks that I have to use a calming primer on, so I won’t be using the blusher as I don’t need it. 3 out of 4 isn’t bad for a freebie though!

 I hope I have managed to tempt you with the wonders of 17 make up or even prompted you to check out some other bargain brands – if not, eBay is excellent for finding top end make up at bottom end prices (although beware of fakes)!
Muccy (aka Treacle)