Aqua (formally Aqua Couture) is a brand which to be honest was too “out there” for my clothing tastes. Stephy has always been a big fan of the brand and has always bought one of their dresses on her annual birthday trip to the store in Leeds. Everything which Steph has bought has been lush and always received lots of complements. However every time I would log on their site or look on asos there would never be anything I liked.

Last year along with Michelle I visited the shop in Leeds and tried a plain black dress on, it wouldn’t even go over my head. Cue my in a panic in the changing rooms convinced it wasn’t the shape/style of the dress which was the problem, but me being a huge whale. Steph informed  me afterwards that the sizing of the clothing there doesn’t represent “true” clothing sizing like you would get in Topshop etc. If you recall my major panic at Christmas trying to find a suitable party dress, I accidently stumbled upon Aqua dresses on Asos. As the dress I wanted was only available in a size 10 or a 12, I thought I’ll order the 12 as there is no way I’ll fit into a 10. Although then I thought that due to sod’s law if I didn’t get the 10 too that would be the size I needed. Cue ordering both and then realising the size 10 was too baggy, it still got worn though. This is a pet hate of mine, being 20 different sizes in different stores.

I’ve included a selection of dresses which I am obsessed with from there (I only really like their black dresses/occasional coral ones) so there isn’t much colour in the picture below.

(all images from Aqua/Asos) Enlarge the picture for a better view.

Top- Helena Bow Front Tailored Mini £34, Klington PeptumSkirt £54.50, Schiffer Dress £75, Sequin Cape Dress £95, Parnassus Dress £27, Metallic Eva Pannelled Mini Dress £34, Swinger Pannel Neck Dress £39.

Bottom- Karate Dress £60, Christie Mini Dress £42.50, Turlington Mini Dress £34, Cobra Mini £30.50, Eva Mini Dress £35, Flapper Strutured Finger Dress £110.50, Claundine Dress £135.

I think for my birthday night out at the end of the month I really want a body con dress, however I don’t want my lumps and bumps offending the population of Leeds, so spanx will be definitely needed. I always think there is something about a simple black dress and statement heels which looks edgy. I think for these you’d probably need a stick on bra too as many are backless.

Although I am in love with the Claundine dress, just shame about the price- does it look familiar?? Yes thats the dress Nicola Mclean wore to go into the Celebrity Big Brother house.

A little tip for you if you are wanting to ever buy an aqua dress- their dresses are normally cheaper on their official website, however if you see a dress you like and its available on asos it may be worth ordering from there to try for sizing.

Which of those dresses above would you wear??