I really enjoy reading other people’s posts about what they got for Birthdays and Christmas (which seems like months have passed), however as my birthday was just after Christmas I decided not to do a “what I got for Christmas post” as to be honest each year I get a few bits and bobs and then the gift of Papa Dave’s debit card to go shopping and buy what I want. So instead I thought I would do a birthday/sales/any-excuse-to-buy-more-clothes haul, and to be honest I still haven’t found anything in the shops to buy with what is left of my Christmas money.

Unfortuately I haven’t managed to take a picture of my snazzy “REEM” notebook from Steph as I left it at work over the weekend, and one of the other presents will be in my January Favourites post next month, so keep your eyes peeled out for those.

So first up, was the present I was most excited by from the Parentals. In the run up to xmas I’ve always wondered if my favourite perfume- Crystal Noir by Versace would have a box set- until boxing day I’d never seen one. Cue a random browse in House of Fraser, I came across this little set containing a 50ml bottle for £30. Considering a 50ml bottle was retailing in Debenhams for £55 I think this is a fab bargain. This is still sitting on my bedroom floor, as I’m not opening it until I’ve used up my other bottle and I have no where to store any more perfume in my wardrobe shelf.

Next up is three little letters which give me so much joy..

Some of these were bought by JEM, while the rest I bought myself using my “birthday” as an excuse. So from JEM I got another Hue lipstick (my first ever back up woohoo) and Amber Lights eyeshadow, which now makes my Mac Palette complete. I’ve been after a bright golden/copper eyeshadow for a while in an attempt to get away from my grey/black smoky eye combo and I think this could be a perfect going out shadow.
To me, love me- I bought yet another lipstick in Politely Pink, one of those your lips but better shades. So far I’m loving it- I don’t think it will be a night out lipstick, more of a daytime one. I’m currently attempting to grow my eyebrows out, as they are no colour what so ever in them- the one advantage of being able to dye my hair different colours, so I thought I should start shading my eyebrows in. After asking the mua I settled on Lingering. I haven’t tried this on my eyebrows yet, so all what I can say is that I am happy with the colour of the pencil. I also got two foundation samples- studio sculpt, and studio fix both in NW25.

The world's rubbish lipstick swatches, especially of Hue.

No birthday haul would be complete without some new clothes. I’m still in the process of trying to find a dress for Leeds next weekend (it’s the law to have a new outfit for your birthday in the UK), however in the mean time I picked these two gems up from the Tall section in Topshop while shopping with the Seed Maxine. I've been after the gold tee after seeing it in Leeds with Sinead after the Illamasqua event.
Both are from the Tall section.
Grey Tee- £10  
Gold Metallic Tee- £30 I've never seen it online but the link for the style is here

Well and truly spoiled. Now if anyone wants to buy me a dress for next week- feel free to ;)

Oh I’m also obsessed with Instagram at the moment- if you want a glimpse into my life, follow me @RayWhoisShe.