Just a quick note before I get into today’s post- apparently blogger is now allowing the ability to respond to comments, I’ve changed the settings on my work PC at lunch and hopefully I will be able to respond directly to your comments below. I’ve been informed that its worked, however as my work PC is from the dark ages, the comment functionality is just a blank screen. Anyway if you have any questions etc leave a comment and I’ll definitely respond :)

December’s favourites I’m afraid isn’t particularly mind blowing, however thanks to Tor I now have a favourite new perfume.

St Tropez Bronzing Mousse- My skin is quite good at keeping a natural tan in and I still have a teeny bit of Tenerife tan left, however my tan still needed a boost for the numerous festive activities. Normally I would reach straight for my He-Shi dark foaming mousse, however with a base tan I would be too dark. One coat of this and I looked like I’d had two weeks in the sun. Fabulous!!

Elemis Rehydrating Ginseng Toner- on the 8th before attending the Illamasqua event in Leeds I went to our local Bannatyne’s Spa with Holly for the second half of her wedding present. This is where I bought this from last time, and since using this on my face during my treatment I’ve been reaching for this over my Liz Earle Toner. Really feel like this is a pick me up for the skin, and two squirts is more than enough for the face- I can see this lasting for ages.

Hair Doughnut- my morning saviour. I know throwing your hair on top of your head is apparently bad for your hair, so I’ve been using this to get the “messy bun” look. Mine only cost a £1 from Primark, and it allows me to have an extra 5 minutes in bed- never a bad thing. Plus its very Lauren Conrad-esq so I’m all over that.

Body Shop Shea Body Butter- this is the best fake tan barrier cream. I use a little of this on my knees, elbows, knuckles, eyebrows, feet before applying my fake tan, and its brilliant at keeping orange patches at bay. I’ve received a large tub of this for Christmas and I’m going to start using this as an all over body moisturiser. Mine is the teeny tub and I’ve got loads left and I’ve had it a good 9 months. Excellent value for money.

Elf Cream Eyeliner- way better than Mac Fluidline to line your eyes- lasts all day and doesn’t smudge. Purse friendly too. I wouldn’t recommend this to line your waterline with- its not good at that, I would use Mac Fluidline (or Maybelline Gel Liner).

17 Wild Metallic Eyes (Wild Nude)- I’ve been using this as an eyeshadow for work when I can’t be bothered to do eye make up. I know this product is one of those love them or hate them products in the beauty community as there have been reviews where people say its creases and doesn’t last without primer. I personally haven’t had that problem with the product and it lasts a good 6 hours, which for me (sat behind a computer most of the day) is more than enough. I did some swatches when I got this in my RayBox.

I blame Tor for this as she showed me this in the waiting room at Darlington Train Station on the way to  Leeds for the Illamasqua launch...

Illamasqua Freak Perfume- Which is now my new favourite perfume, ahhh its lush. The picture of the bottle I actually received as a surprise Christmas present off my parents, however I received a free sample of this when I bought a lipgloss/eyelashes at the event. I’ve been carrying the teeny sample around with me in my handbag on nights out to top up, and its just love. Its one of those strong scents which will last the entire day/night, and one which people will comment upon. I’ve actually got a post about this which will be on the blog soon so look out for that.