On the 8th December after a very stressful episode of running through Darlington town centre in heels after going to the wrong train station after a fabulous afternoon in Bannatyne’s spa with Holly (it could only happen to me), I hopped on the train with the lovely Tor to Leeds to attend the opening of the new Illamasqua store.

The new Leeds store is the second stand alone Illamasqua store in the North of England (alongside Liverpool) and can be found hidden amongst Mulberry, Vivienne Westwood and Louis Vuiton in the Victoria Quarter in the City Centre. I was very excited to meet the fabulous Drew-Ashlyn from my Trans-sexual Summer on Channel 4 who is currently working there, as well as being reunited with some of my favourite bloggers (Laura, Caroline, Dan, Sinead, and Lucy). And to top it all off- I FINALLY got to meet Nicoletta!!
If you live in the North East and are familiar with the brand you will know that Illamasqua have a stand in Fenwicks, however if you only go to Newcastle on a Saturday like me you can never get anywhere near the products as its that busy. So it was nice to have a good nosey at all the products while being in the company of some fabulous people.

The store itself is quite small, however personally I find that of all stores in the Victoria Quarter, however the store stocks everything, so you won’t be feeling like your missing out on certain products. If you go up the glittery stairs you go to the make over area, which looks out over the VQ. I’ll definitely be going back to the store next weekend when I'm in Leeds.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking…

Tor acting shy, after getting her blush done.

After the event, we decided to gatecrash an open evening in Topshop- free cider and a photobooth, we were sold.

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