I thought I would make this into two separate posts for you- one of the nails itself and how its lasted and the second of the removal/aftercare. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will have seen me mention on a number of occasions that for my works Christmas party I was going to try coloured gel nails. Both my cousins Maxine the Seed and Ash both get theirs done from  our cousins salon (where I get my hair done), and for a treat I decided to try it. Personally (take my notd posts for example) I’m rubbish at applying polish, regardless of how hard I try, I still manage to mess it up/looks like a 5 year old has done it. Plus due to it being the festive season and tis the season  to go and party, I couldn’t be bothered with the time taken to paint my nails/attempting not to chip them.

So these are the state of my nails beforehand- horrible, peeling, stained, overgrown cuticle horribleness. I’d tried my hardest to grow my nails before, however you can’t avoid the state of them in these pictures.


Now both Maxine and Ash have very small nail beds and on their gels they both have nail tips. I’m completely the opposite- I have long/wide finger beds and  looking back at my pictures of my fibreglass extensions nail tips are a bit too much, hence colour been applied to my natural nails. The next dilemma was what colour to go with- I was thinking fail safe black, however I spotted the colour (Api Plum Jam) which I had on my nails which in the pot reminded me of Opi Lincoln Park After Dark, however on the nails obviously it looks completely different. In some lights it looks a black/red/brown, but definitely not “plum” coloured.
Pretty nails- right after I'd gotten them done (8th December) *.

So the true test is how long these have lasted for-

Week 1- 15th December.
Slight regrowth on my right hand, but still looking fab.

Week 2- 22nd December.
Regrowth starting to show on left hand (although still looking very good), right hand regrowth is apparent on ring and little fingers. Chipped on right hand index finger. This was easily covered by China Glaze Naughty and Nice.

Week 3- 29th December.
Regrowth apparent on left hand (first picture). Major chipping on left hand (thumb, index and middle fingers). Still able to easily touch up with CG.

Then disaster struck-
New Years Eve night- ring finger peels off.
Suprised at how good the condition of my natural nail was underneath.

I decided to leave the colour on and continue to touch up as I was out with Maxine on the 2nd and wanted her to see the colour

4th January- right before nails were soaked off.
Note how good the nails are on my left hand (first picture), shame about the state on my left hand.

As you can see they've lasted a good three weeks.

I would definitely recommend them, although the only thing I would say is that when you go for your infills you have to either have the same shade, or a darker shade- you can’t go lighter. The overlays need to be removed after two lots of infills, however I’ve removed mine. I don’t want to mention much about the condition of my nails and how I removed them- I’ll be saving that for later on in the week.

All what I will say is that I’ll definitely be getting them put on for my birthday weekend in Leeds at the end of the month.