What sets the RayBox apart from the other beauty boxes out there… RayBox comes when you expect it, not when you have to pester the companies to get answers. So yes its that time of the month again- RayBox time. However… starting next month RayBox may be no more for the immediate future (shock horror). As I am going on a beauty spending ban…. ther only exception is a certain product from the upcoming Mac Naturally collection…so there may be a special one off RayBox in Feburary.

Anyway we’ll deal with that next  month- you know the rules, for £10 the RayBox magically appears with products you want. Shall we see what I got this month??

Aussie Colour Mate Shampoo (£3.99)
Aussie Colour Mate Conditioner (free off Holly)
Clairol Red Conditioner (99p)
Eyelure 107 lashes (£1.20 that is not a typo)
Blistex Intensive Moisturiser (£2.75)
Elegant Touch Nail Polish Remover (£1.75)
(all items from Boots)

TOTAL- £10.68.

What a bargainious month, especially the Eyelure lashes reduced to £1.20 a packet. I definately think this month's RayBox does show that you can buy a lot for £10ish. What would you rather have? 5 samples which you may or may not like, or products you like/will use? I know what I would rather have.

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