People find it odd how diverse my music tastes are, yes I may be an indie girl at heart, however I do love a good bit of dance music and a dose of pop music. Just before Christmas I went to see The Saturdays at the Arena in Newcastle with Steph. I thought I would share some pictures (4th row woohoo) and the outfit of the night with you. I can never dress properly for concerts, I never know how dressed or casual to go. Also on a side note- I don't know how lasses can stand in massive heels at a concert neither? Aren't your feet not killing by the end of it??

Definately got to love a bit of The Saturdays- they're not the world's best singers but they know how to put on a good show. Although Frankie and Mollie are teeny tiny, well they all are, and Una's bump is the cutest thing ever. They're too pretty, its sickening lol.

Onto my outfit, even though I'd just had my hair coloured it looks rather brown, its actually a dark mahogany IRL. However I will be dark brown soon.

Floral Dress- Topshop
Tights- Primark 150 denier bad boys
Leather Jacket- New Look
Watch- Asos
Boots- Primark (not seen).
You can also see my shellac (post to come).

Right I'm off shopping with my favourite Seedy cousin Maxine, the bad influence who makes me spend money.

2 days til my birthday- Illamaqua Birthday Giveaway here