I’d never actually been into a Lush shop or even really gotten into the brand properly until I met Holly at Uni. On a random note- the smell of lush (yes that smell which hits you before you even see the shop) reminds me of my two little cousins and trips to see them in Cheltenham, due to the fact that when you walked into the shopping centre there all what you could smell was lush. Good times.

As you know I LOVE the Boxing Day sales, and every year I’m at the shops ready to snap up some bargains. Normally for Christmas I get a bottle of Snow Fairy, however this year I thought I would wait and attack the sales to see what I could get at 50% off. Luckily I managed to get into the store just after it opened, however the queue was huge, I must have been queuing for a good 15 mins, however it was completely worth it. I’ve managed to stock up on my favourites and it only cost £10.10, well technically it cost me nothing as it was part of my xmas presents off my brother (got to love getting money for xmas to spend in the sales).

So what did I get?? I was a bit gutted that I never got one of their snazzy Christmas bags..

However its all what is in the bag what counts...

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar (formally Candy Cane)

To me this represents the smell of Lush- vanilla and candy floss. Imagine if they made a perfume which smelt of this… I never use a whole one in my bath, I normally snap a little bit off- a little does go a long way. On a side note, is it me or do you feel like these are smaller in the little mountains than in the cane form??

Snow Fairy

Any visit to Lush over the festive period requires you to at least buy a bottle of this. IT IS THE LAW OF LUSH!! Strawberry and bubble gum scented with glitter, along with the pink colour what is there not to love?? I decided to also buy a small bottle of this also to use for travelling. Sneaky little tip here if your feeling down in the dumps and want cheering up- squirt a little in your bath, and lo and behold a snow fairy bubble bath. See the thought of that has just put a smile on your face hasn’t it??

I think my little haul is tiny in comparison to some of the pictures on the Lush Facebook Page. Did you manage to attack the Lush sale?? Link me up below and I'll go check it out.