If you read my initial posts about gel nails* (here) you will recall me saying that I was going to be getting them done again ready for my birthday night out in Leeds at the back end of January (27th). Oh how disappointed with them I have been for the last few weeks. Due to the lack of colours in general which was available I decided on having black nails- what a mistake that was. I should have known that my nails were going to look a mess as when they’re were curing under the UV light you could see that they were opaque in places. Also this time the technician didn’t bother using a proper gel topcoat, she just used a normal nail polish.
27th January.

As you can see the nail polish is uneven and the polish hasn't gone down the the nail bed- really not a happy chappy at all. Also you can see how opaque some of the nails are.

3rd February- Left hand, Right hand.

One week on and there is no fading of the polish colour, or any tip wear. I did manage to chip my index finger of my right hand- however this was due to my natural nail below splitting. However as you can see on the (blurry) picture below it wasn't that noticeable. I didn't bother touching it up.

Note how uneven the polish is at the sides.

10th February.

As you can see there is no further chips on my nails- however the regrowth is starting to look terrible.

16th February.

Ignore the notepad in the background- I took these pictures as I was waiting for my computer to load up at work. As you can see my middle finger on my left hand the gel has peeled right off. Luckily there was no damage to my natural nail underneath, and the nail itself was very smooth- I’m thanking the Mavala Scientifique for that. By this time I was more than ready to get this colour off my nails. I think by not going to right to the cuticle when she's put the gel on it gives the illusion that my nails are longer than they actually are.

Compared to my last set of gels I have to admit I am impressed by the lack of chipping over the 2-3 weeks however the opaqueness/patchiness of the colour has really made me detest this colour on my nails. I’ve since gotten cnd shellac on my nails and oh my goodness- its fantastic- I’ve definitely converted to this.

Did you know that OPI have brought their own version of gel nail polish out in their most popular colours?

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*- I’ve marked this as I did receive some discount as its my cousins hair/beauty salon and I always get discount on my hair.