You know when you want to try something out on a whim for cheap, not expecting much, but then you find a HG product. Well I’ve done just that with these products from ELF.

ELF Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 £3.49 (approx)

I initially bought these products when ELF had one of their many 50% off discount codes ready for my Tenerife holiday last November to use on a night, and they’ve never left my make up routine. I was a bit unsure of what colour to get however the lovely Lisa helped colour match me. I decided to get two shades purely due to the £1.75 price- one for pre-tan (nude) and one for tan (beige).

Don’t be put off by how thick the consistency appears on these pictures. Yes the product is thick- think of the consistency to be more like a night time moisturizer, however it absorbs right into the skin. I would see this as a cheaper version of BB creams.

I’ve heavily swatched these so you get an idea of the difference in colour- however what I find with these is even if I’m not tanned I can use the “beige” and it still blends in to my skin. I can never be bothered with using a brush (shock horror) first thing on a morning so I just apply this with my fingers and I’m good to go. However I normally set it with my Mac MSFN that’s if I’m going shopping/out, can never be bothered for work lol.

Lasting wise- I’d say this lasts a full day of work (8 hours) which is more than enough for me. Although I did start panicing last week at the gym wondering what was all over my towel- then I clicked on that it was this haha. Plus for the value you can’t be robbed.

Mac comparisons- Nude is more like NW20 and Beige NW25-30.