Many of you will be aware that Enrapture styling tools has established a bit of a cult following in particular their Hot Rollers and Totem Styler. Just before Christmas I was sent the Encode Totem Styler* to review and I've wanted to throughly test this out before providing any opinons. If you are a regular reader of the blog you will notice that for nights out 99% of the time my hair is curled- normally with either a Babyliss tong or my Babyliss hot rollers. I've decided that in this review I will be comparing this against my hot rollers/tongs.

First up the packaging- it screams high end.
It reminds me of how GHDs are packaged- you know that they're not going to get damaged when your not using them. Personally I keep my styling tools in their boxes, and this doesn't take up much space in my wardrobe.

What sets the totem styler apart from other curling wands/tongs is theirthree independent heat zones which can be set to different temperates (140-210 degrees- 1-3) depending on how tight you want your curls. Setting 1 is for loose curls, 2 for normal, and 3 for tight curls. Now a word of warning- setting 3 is VERY hot, and I haven't been using this setting on my hair. However I have been using this on my hair extensions and I've found that the only difference between setting 2 and 3 is the length of time taken to produce a curl (3 taking less time)- the tightness of the curl is exactly the same.
You can use any combination you want. Normally with my Babyliss products I have to leave them at least a good 10-15 mins to heat up to my desired temperature, however with this it took no more than 3 minutes. My babyliss tong weighs a ton in comparison to the totem styler- its really lightweight, and doesn't hurt your arm after so long if it takes you longer to curl your hair.

My friend Michelle has the type of hair which curls fall straight out of (thin and fine) and Holly's has exactly the same problem with her hair (but her's is thick), and I wanted to see how the styler worked on both of these types of hair. Unfortuately I haven't had a chance to see Holly properly for her to try this out, however I did try this on Michelle's hair before she went out on her works Christmas do.
I curled her hair at 10am using the setting 1-2-2 (1 being the top of her hair and 2 the bottom), with her hair extensions in and finished with some hairspray. I joined Michelle out on the night at 8.30pm and guess what the curls were still intact, even though they had dropped to a loose wave, she had curls in her hair. Michelle has since bought herself one as she is calling it her HG styling tool.

Since recieving this I have stopped using my hot rollers (bar my birthday night out) to curl my hair. I only use rollers on my crown for volume, the rest of my curls are thanks to the totem styler. Personally for me the combo 1-1-2 for the back of my hair, and 2-2-2 for the front of my hair (purely as I have shorter layers). Is what I have used to achieve the looks below.

The reason why I use 2-2-2 on the front of my hair is that is my problem area (ie the curls drop quicker), and by using this it drops to a fab loose wave. The first picture is how my hair normally drops to on a night, and the second picture is how it looks straight after its done. I'm sold by it!!

Enrapture Totem Styler is avaliable from Argos for £74.99.