I’ve never really seen many posts on people’s blogs about false eyelashes, so I thought today I would share with you my false eyelash collection. I never thought I actually owned that many pairs of false eyelashes until I had a mini clear out recently. I think it’s probably due to the fact that every time I go to Boots or Superdrug and I see them on offer I normally pick up a pair and lo and behold they soon add up.

So my collection as it stands

Kiss Eyelashes x2 (currently 79p in Home Bargains), Eylure 115 (double pack).
Primark Very Fluttering, Eylure 107.

Ebay Lashes (no 28), Illamasqua (17 top, and 21 bottom)*

Eylure Girls Aloud Kimberly (top) and Sarah (below), Sally's Naturalash in 107 and Eylure 107.

Here's a tip Drew Ashlyn told me at the Illamasqua store opening- double up your lashes in the corners with what you have trimmed off for a dramatic effect on a night out (hence the loose pieces in the box).

Now onto the revelation..

I can't put false lashes on, no matter how hard I try/follow YT videos etc- they will not work. I never wear them for nights out, only once in a blue moon if Steph or JEM puts them on for me. Its basically a glorifed waste of my money.

If anyone has any tips or links to videos on youtube, please let me know.

* I recieved the Illamasqua 17 lashes in a goodybag at an event, and the number 21 lashes were bought with 15% discount at the same event.