I’m always wanting MASSIVE volume in my hair on nights out, and thanks to my favourite boat Laura I’ve found the answer.

Batiste Brit.
Every time I see pictures of Laura from nights out, her hair is always huge, seriously you’ll see her hair before you’ll see her- it is lush. I’ve always asked Laura how does she get her hair so big, and the secret is simple- spray this in your hair before styling and BOOM big hair!!

I managed to get one of the XL tubes when it was on offer in Superdrug for £1.49 a while back, however I spied on Saturday in Leeds that they’re currently on offer for £1.55 (all scents). Personally after using this I can totally understand the hype that is surrounding Brit, as it smells ah-ma-zing. Its not over powering , but you can still smell it on your hair after brushing it out.

For some strange reason, I’ve tried to backcomb my hair after using Boho and Blush and I never get the same amount of volume in my hair as using Brit? Random I know.

Like all bottles of Batiste you get helpful instructions on how to use the product if you’re unfamiliar to the dry shampoo concept. Also if you have coloured hair like myself, I’ve found recently that after using it I’ve never had any product left in my hair, it brushes out so easily. I know Laura actually prefers using this to their XXL products, so I’m in no rush to test the XXL out. Why spoil a good thing eh??

Oh and I’ll also mention that if your hair refuses to backcomb definitely try this- Kayleigh’s hair refuses any type of volume, and this worked brilliantly on her on Saturday night. Definitely a HG volumising product for me!!