I take it you enjoyed reading yesterdays double/triple denim post? I do know how to rock that trend don’t I haha. Anyway todays post I’d realised I’ve had wrote up in my drafts for month’s now, and I haven’t published it- until today. Just so you know that this post isn’t in the format of the new notd posts- there is no pictures of the polish after x amount of days.

If you recall I wrote a not so very nice post about Models Own Fuzzy Peach (here) on my fibreglass nail extensions. However my opinion on this has completely changed- I think the reason why the colour went so bad last time was purely due to the fibreglass extensions. As you can see in these pictures the colour is so much better.

I personally prefer this colour on shorter nails, and it can easily be worn on your toes. I’ve got two coats on in these pictures and that is more than enough. I love how thick models own polishes are, and the fact that with 99% of their shades you can get away with the one coat.

This polish has definitely done the rounds with me and JEM- I’d initially bought this polish, decided I hated it, so gave it to JEM, then she decided she didn’t want it and I wanted it back. Bizarre.

I suffered with some chips on this after 4 days, which if you consider that I work in an office I think is pretty good going. I definitely regret slating this in the first place as this colour is just fab!!