Sometimes I wonder why people wear certain things just cause they're in fashion. I'm not going to lie to you all but I have a major pet peeve with one certain trend..

I hate it... HATE IT.

After a conversation with the lovely Charli on Twitter about how much we hate this particular trend which I am convinced is going to follow me to my grave, I decided to prove how stupid this trend is, I would do an OOTD featuring the offending items with the worst pair of jeans ever.

However you know me, I like to take things to another level, so I thought I would model TRIPLE denim- to prove how much of a bellend this trend is.

Without further ado.. oh the shame..

Obviously the key to successfully wearing double denim is to find two shades which are a similar colour to one another. As I am pretty cool I like to be a rebel and wear my collar sticking upwards. I am so thrilled to be wearing double denim, even though my face disagrees.

To be a complete rebel I also like to untuck my shirt and wear geek glasses. Also I love how this colour jeans make my thighs look huge. Always a fabulous look.

For a night out I love to go fully 80s and introduce some ghetto gold into the mix. Also a splash of red lipstick and some RayBans I'm definately good to go.

Obviously no double denim outfit is complete without a denim jacket, making the outfit triple denim.

I look fit as anything.

Let this be a lesson to you all- don't be tempted by the double denim!!!
Yes todays post is a blatent piss take