I feel like I’m late in posting this, thinking its later on in the month than it actually is. In all honesty, my January favourites aren’t really that exciting- the only night out has been my birthday in Leeds, and apart from that I’ve been a bit of a hermit the last month in a vain attempt to try and save some money. I also feel in the last month that I’ve been “shopping my stash” more and rediscovering old neglected products.

Sudocreme- Over the last month I’ve been suffering with more spots than usual, I think its from going to the gym (ie touching my face after been on the machines), however as usual this has been a lifesaver in reducing spots and getting rid of any redness. I’ve also had a new piercing in my ear and the savlon spray I normally use has really dried by ear out, and has caused the skin to crack so I’ve also been using this to help clear it up.

Mavala Scientifique- I mentioned this in my gel removal post (here) and I will be posting a proper in depth post on this product later on in the week. This product has really worked wonders on my nails, and if you suffer from soft/brittle/splitting nails I’d definitely recommend this product.

Bontanics Organic Hydrating Eye Cream- I fancied a change in eye cream and picked this up in Boots for about £5. It’s a really good product, absorbs straight into your skin. Would I buy it again, yes, however I think I want to try Superdrug’s Vitamin E eye cream next.

L’Occitane Coco Flower Handcream- this was free with Marie Claire (November issue I think) and I picked this up in the airport en route to Tenerife. I call this my “posh” handcream for best, and I’ve been reaching for this instead of my S+G Handfood. This smells like chocolate and is so moisturising on your hands. Now I’m under the impression that this was a limited edition product, so I’m trying to hold onto it for as long as possible. If this becomes part of the permanent line I would definitely purchase.

Accessorize Baked Blush in Scandal- I’ve been reaching for this blush every morning for work, it’s a fab corally pink which can easily be built up for a stronger look. I actually prefer this to Mac mineralized blushes, as the colour pay out is far better. Its also worth noting that this blush lasts on average 5-6 hours before I need to reapply, however as I’m sat at my desk all day I never bother reapplying. For the price (£5) you get loads of product, and it lasts for ages- I still haven’t made much of a dent in it. I’ll definitely be repurchasing when I eventually use it up.

Max Factor False Effects Mascara- this always used to be my “going out” mascara, and since using the HG combo of Maybelline one by one and 17 wild curls, this has been neglected. I’ve been using this as my everyday mascara purely just to get it used up. What I love about this is one coat is all you need. Would I repurchase this after using it up? Nope- purely because I have other mascaras I want using up.

Mac Patisserie lipstick- your lips but better. Definitely would repurchase this once used up. I’ve had a couple of job interviews this month and this is the lipstick I have been wearing. Its just lushness in a tube.

Blistex Lip Brilliance*- I’ve been reaching for this at my desk at work, and now its completely used up. I received this in a goodybag at an event I went to in Newcastle before Christmas. Its slightly tinted and there is some pink colour payoff, really enjoyed using this, however I would favour my Korres lip butter or medicated Chapstick over this.

Sleek Storm Palette- I’ve been reaching for shades 5 and 6 (top row) to create a quick and easy smoky eye for work. As you can see I’ve nearly hit pan on shade 5- definitely my favourite colour in the palette. Here’s a cheeky tip for you- it’s a dupe for Mac All that Glitters. I think once I use the more “neutral/work appropriate” shades from this I am going to try out the MUA Heaven and Earth palette.
Some swatches for you-

What drug store neutral palettes do you recommend??

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