*warning- picture heavy*

Today’s post is the second in my Mac eyeshadow collection- all my loose shadows (part 1 click here). I think when it comes to eyeshadows these two posts have made me looks like I’m a Mac snob but I do love how pigmented their shades are and how long lasting they are. However on the other hand I am obsessed with my Sleek Storm palette at the moment, and I’m currently eyeing up the MUA Heaven and Earth palette for when I’ve used my Sleek palette up.

Anyway the reason why I won’t depot these (except Blackberry and Shadow Lady) is purely due to the fact that these ones I would use on nights out for touch ups. Plus if I got another 15 pan palette to put these in, I’d end up buying more eyeshadows. If you are a regular reader of the blog, you will know that Typographic is my all time favourite eyeshadow, and All that Glitters and Haux are firm favourites too. Haux is one of those Mac colours which I feel are over looked, however I strongly urge you to swatch this next time your at a Mac counter or even better buy it.

Onto the shadows..

Left-Right- Print, Shadow Lady, Copperplate.


My favourites-

Left-Right- Haux, Typographic, All That Glitters.


The unloved ones-

Blackberry, Rare Find (Mineralize).


Hope these posts have been useful to you- I may be tempted to do my Mac lipsticks next?? Let me know what you think.