Sometimes there’s nothing better on a weekend then throwing on a baggy tee and jeans and slobbing with Steph watching Take Me Out and putting the world to rights. I’m not going to beat around the bush here, but these pictures are the best of a bad bunch and the baggy clothes make me look a right chunky monkey, but do I care- no.

The lipstick I’m wearing in the picture is one of MUA new lipsticks- Nectar aka the Ever Hip/Cut a Caper/Barry M 147 £1 dupe. I have to admit I really prefer this colour to BM 147, and its very moisturising on the lips. Anyway I could chat all day about these lipsticks, but I’m going to save them for another post.

Back to the point of this post- I also got this House of Harlow esq necklace from ebay for an entire £2 (including p+p), thanks to Victoria’s fab ebay posts (definitely check these out every Sunday). The necklace took 3-4 weeks to arrive however this was right before Christmas so I doubt it would take as long. Its identical to the original version- really recommend this.

Jeans- Levis (mens)
Necklace- ebay
Lipstick- MUA Nectar
Glasses- RayBan
Better look at the lipstick and necklace.

As you can see the blog is in the middle of a bit of a revamp. Still not entirely convinced about the 3 columns, think it'll be going back to two whenever I can be bothered to get on the laptop. I should be in the gym when your reading this post- going 5 times this week, ready for the disco pants outing at the weekend (which I'm dreading).