*scheduled post*

So as this post goes live I will either be waiting to go into my interview or be in it. I've never really spoken about what I do on the blog, but I work in local government in Human Resources. For the last 2 years I've been working on a much higher level post on a temporary contract, which has enabled me to save a nice deposit up for my first home. However due to budget cuts and the joining together of service HR to come into Coporate HR there is going to be job cuts and losses. My situation is that if I am lucky to get a job, I will be going back to a lower level pay, I know I need to be grateful that I have a job, however its bitter sweet. I could have contested but that would have gotten me no where.

Am I happy in my job as Christine says to us in our office everyday, nope.

So to more important issues- a job interview is an excuse to buy a new dress right??

£15 Primark

I'm not wasting good money on a work wardrobe no way, but I'd seen this dress in the magazines and on a few blogs, so I thought I would get it.

On the plus side as soon as I'm out of this interview I'm off to Nandos haha.

Normal blogging will resume tomorrow xx