Believe it or not all my make up including brushes used to quite happily fit in a small (ish) make up bag from Boots. However since blogging this has drastically changed, I thought I would do a post on my current make  up/some of my beauty products storage as I love reading all your storage posts. I’ve decided that when I eventually get a house I wanted Muji storage on a dressing table- myself and Laura (encouraged by Tor) bought half the store when we were in Leeds for the Illamasqua event. I still haven’t gotten around to sorting it out yet so that will be another post.

My current storage is two of these stacked together from Asda and the way they are organised is verging on OCD, and if I notice that a drawer is open or even slightly open all hell will kick off as everyone knows that if they dare to touch my make up without asking their fingers will be snapped off. Haha yes I am that bad.

Oh before I share everything, I blame each and every one of you bloggers for the size of my collection ;) haha
Wicker box- I receievd this at the Illamasqua event and its used to store my make up brush bag, and random bits and bobs.

Drawer 1 (left)- Cleansers/Toners/Kirby Grips/Exfoliator/Random Samples/Ear studs
Drawer 2 (right)- Random Fake Tans, Hair Oil, Facial Scrub, 17 Photo Flawless Foundation thrown in there.
Drawer 3 (left)- Eye Shadows, Liners, Mascaras, Eyebrow Pencils, Sleek Palette and Mac Pallete (lie on top).
Drawer 4 (right)- Foundations, Bronzers, MSFN, Cream Eyeshadows, Foundation Samples, Primers, Concealers.

Drawer 5 (left)- Blushers, Korres Lip Butter, Misc Illamasqua Items, Sheer Cover Palette (review to come), Kiss Eyelashes. Kabuki Brush (can't be bothered searching for stuff on a morning lol).
Drawer 6 (right)- Lipsticks, Lipglosses, Spare contact lense pots, Lip balms, Lip scrubs, Empty Korres pot (ready to depot whats left of Mac Shy Girl). Illamasqua eyelashes.
Drawer 7- Nail Polishes- Models Own, Nails Inc, OPI, China Glaze, Random Polishes.
Drawer 8- Barry M, Random Eyelashes, Nail Tools.

So thats my "little" make up collection. I'll do another post once I've decided what I want in my Muji storage and my updated tower of beauty ;)

Oh and I found out yesterday after a very stressful day I have gotten my old job back. Find out tomorrow what team I'll be going in, regardless the job hunt has begun. Massive thank you for all your support over the last few stressful months.