Korres is one of those brands which I’ve been none the wiser about until I came across it by reading all your lovely blogs. As you are aware I am a massive fan of their Lip Butters and I’ve just used all my Quince one up (RIP- sob), although I do have a back up of their Pommegrante. If you have been an avid subscriber to JoileBox (former Boudior Prive) in their October box there was a Korres Citrus Body Milk.

I’ve just about used this up, so I thought I would give you my opinions. Now I’ve done a bit of research on the net and I don’t think you can buy this size, so personally I would say it’s a very generous sample. I normally use this on my neck/arms and occasionally my face (yes weird I know).

The product isn’t I wouldn’t class as a “milk” its more thicker in consistency, a bit like Kiehls facial moisturiser. To me a “milk” is more liquid if that makes sense, however regardless this product can easily be worked into your skin and is absorbed quickly. There is a faint citrus smell, however this isn’t over powering nor does the scent linger on your skin. I normally use this as a day time moisturiser and the scent doesn’t interfere with any perfume which you are wearing.

The product is a bit on the pricey side at £9.50 for 200ml which to some may seem good value for money, however I don’t think I would buy this for myself (unless you want too).

Are you a fan of the Korres range?