I am obsessed with OPI polishes and if I’m ever in Sally’s I’m always drawn to their stands- the only thing which does at time put me off is their price. Normally I get my polishes from ebay (seller Beautyzone2007).  If you are a regular reader of the blog you will know that my cousin has her own hair and beauty salon where I get my hair cut/coloured, and what comes with that- a Sally’s discount card.

The other week I was at a distant family member’s funeral and it was a chance for me to catch up with my favourites Amy and the SEED Maxine and afterwards before they were getting their hair done we decided on a quick trip to Sally’s. Cue me acting like a kid in a candy shop with Amy while the SEED decided to stop in the car (well we decided to lock her in).

So what did I buy in my cheeky OPI haul-

Avoplex 15ml

I used to own a bottle of this many years ago, and stupidly gave it to an ex work colleague. However since getting gel overlays and now shellac, I’ve been meaning to get a bottle of this but I’ve been put off by the price. Normally I apply this morning and night, however I’ve been keeping this on my desk at work and applying a couple of times during the day. I’m yet to see a difference although I have only been using this for a week. I’m going to do a proper review in a month’s time.

Dulce de Leche, Light My Sapphire, My Private Jet

These polishes were about £12 each excluding VAT- I've always wanted My Private Jet after seeing it on Marilou- so currently its on my toe nails lol. As I've currently got shellac on my nails, I haven't had time to swatch/use these properly so I've googled some swatches for you. I'm so excited to wear Dulce de Leche on my nails. No doubt these will be featured in NOTD in the near future.

Dulce de Leche (via Jadeisabelle), Light my Sapphire (via Alpha Blonde), My Private Jet (via Rainbows and Blues).

I bought all of these and an additional polish for Amy and it came to £32- this was with a Sally's card which I think is brilliant value for money.

Whats your favourite opi shade??