The RayBox does love a bargain alright, and I don’t think this month’s box has disappointed… well potentially bar one product. I thought for my new readers (hello) I would recap what a RayBox is-

- My name is Ray + Box = RayBox, if your name is Bob it would be a BobBox.

- Instead of being disappointed with some of the products you receive in your monthly beauty boxes, the RayBox automatically produces things which you want/will use/love.

- So the purpose of a RayBox is to show a range of products which you are able to buy which you will get use out of for the amount you would pay for a beauty box (normally £12-13).

- Some months may have a theme, others won’t however this month the theme is “Bobby loves a bargain”.

Shall we see what I’ve received??
Derma V10- 3 in 1 Self Tan Mitt- £1 Savers.

Hmm not to sure what I make of this for fake tan application- you have to wear a latext glove underneath, which kinda goes against the point of using a mitt. I think I will probably use the buffing side (brown) however I very much doubt I will be using this for fake tan. Would it repurchase?? Nope

Eyelure Individual Lashes- £4.49 Sainsburys.

Bought these on a whim as I noticed they were on offer the other week. I've attempted to get Steph to put these on and I did like the effect they created, however they weren't the fake lash effect which I am after. However I will be giving these another try.

No 7 Eyeshadow Blending Brush- £5.50 Boots (one not pictured).

I have found a HG blending brush!! So I went back and got another one with my No 7 vouchers. I have actually got a post on this brush in draft and honestly words can't express how much I am in love with this brush. I was debating whether to buy the Mac 217 brush, however I have noted that people have rated this brush more than the 217. I won't be purchasing it. I couldn't believe how fab my eyeshadow looked after using this. Can't recommend this enough.

Pencil Sharpener- 89p Savers.

I've been meaning to pick one of these up for ages and ages and keep forgetting. All my Benefit pencils need sharpening, and I normally save them for when I stop at Holly's to pinch hers.

Lip Balm- 50p (for both) Primark.

I needed a cheapish lipbalm to keep on my desk at work, and spotted these in Primark. They do the job, although they have somesort of weird minty/menthol scent/flavour which is ok, but a bit overbearing at times. However I would happily buy these again. You can't be robbed for 50p.

Total- £12.38.

How brilliant is that!!

Have you tried any of these products in particular the Eyelashes/Tanning Mitt? Link me up to your reviews if you have.

PS- will be posting again later today regarding Blog Buttons for April if your interested