I’m inflicting you all with my face two days in a row- whatever have you done to deserve this punishment.  You know when you have one of those days when you have nothing planned, but then end up having to nip out somewhere. Normally if I’m in the house at the weekend I normally wear leggings and some sort of top- nothing you’d want to see running about in on the street.

In a blind panic I picked this up out of my wardrobe and threw it over my leggings. I like how I’m not dressed, but kinda looked dressed. If you’ve read the blog right from the start this dress was actually my first OOTD on a night out with JEM. This was my I’ve got a new job so I’m using that an as excuse to buy a dress dress, also its worth nothing this is the most expensive item of clothing in my wardrobe- I paid £175 for it (in the sale) from Vivienne Westwood.

Dress/Tunic- Vivienne Westwood
Leggings- Primark

I'm a rectangle with a head.

Normally I wear this with a belt, but sometimes you got to be a rebel and let it all hang out ;)