If I'm delibrately after clothes when I go shopping I try my hardest to wear something which I can get on and off really quickly- normally it involves jeans and some sort of vest. I think thats a bit of a stupid statement from me cause nine times out of ten when I go shopping I end up buying some sort of item of clothing. Anyway we'll go with flow- cue me finding this sheer blouse in my wardrobe.

This blouse is actually Topshop but I bought mine from ebay after getting in a massive bidding war with some bint, I eventually got my hands on it for way over the retail price. Its one of those shirts which you can dress up or down- I've worn this on nights out with my leather shorts (aka Leiderhosen) and then during the day with jeans and boots. On yet another random tangent- I think I may pair this with my disco pants on saturday night.... (must make a mental note of that).

The shirt itself is VERY oversized- mine is a size 8 and to be honest I think a smaller size would be a better fit. Oh and sorry about the blurry pictures.

Shirt- Topshop (via ebay)
Jeans- Primark Super Skinny (current stock)
Boots- Primark (not pictured)
Glasses- RayBan
Face like a smacked backside- Priceless.

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