I always used to be an impulsive shopper and buy things and wear once and never again- well the case may still stand with going out outfits (6 week rule, always remember the rule*) however as circumstances change as well as getting old, I'm now starting to act my age and buy items of clothing which can easily be dressed up or down.

Cue what appears to be a basic Topshop vest and jeans- this can be dressed down with a pair of converse, or look like I've just thrown this together yet I look dressy, with a pair of cute ballet pumps or some ankle boots. Add a blazer- its glam, add a leather jacket- its edgy.

Previously I've worn this dressed up on a night out (here) but the other week whilst having the "I don't have nothing to wear/everything looks shit on me" before going shopping I randomly reached for this and my ever so faithful skinny jeans and bobs yer uncle, fanny's yer aunt a half decent outfit was born.

Vest- Topshop (green version here)
Jeans-Super Skinny Primark
Boots (not seen)- Primark
Glasses- Ray Ban

Back of Vest
Note how bloody saggy these jeans are lol.

Paired with my Louis Vuitton Deauville bag

Remember tomorrow and Thursday's posts are scheduled- all will be revealled why in Thursdays post. Normal posting will resume on Friday.

* 6 week rule- you never wear the same outfit aka dresses/skirts (unless their plain) within a 6 week period. The only exception to the rules is leggings/shoes/blazers/jackets or if you are out on a friday night and can wear the same outfit within a 4 week period providing your out on a saturday night. Oh and if you travel between different cities the rules don't apply providing its not within a week of each event. Hahahahahahaha its hard being female!!