So yes you may have noticed "Who is She" has had a make over..

As you are aware I have zero knowledge/ability to work/use HMTL and as I wanted the blog to be more streamlined and not here there and every where a new layout was needed. Massive thank you to Ellie for the header and Caroline for the snazzy layout- and you both definately deserve a medal for being able to understand my limited what I want on the blog speak.

Adverts etc down the side bar will be changing sizes so bear with me while I do that. There's still limited advertising spaces avaliable for May- see post here. Also you need to hover your mouse down the bottom (right hand) for older posts to show up. What else- oh normally I reply to all your comments on a Saturday/Sunday but remember if you need an urgent reply either tweet or email me.

Hope your all having a fab Sunday- its currently chucking it down in sunny Durham xx