I’ve never been so glad to see a payday come around… well technically its Monday, however once I find out what the damage is from my car MOT test tonight, I think this wish list will actually be a wish list, as I will be skint.

However I find that when I’m shopping one thing I never really focus on is items of clothing/shoes which can be dressed up or down. Its normally (well the majority of the time) going out clothes, or knitwear. As this month is the month my salary goes down, I’ve decided I only really need to buy things which I need and then things which can be dressed up or down.

Onto the “wish list”…

The Topshop Boutique Silk Tee and Miss Selfridge Tee will be key additions to my wardrobe ready for the summer. The Topshop tee looks that over sized I think I will be able to get away with it as a dress on a night out, and then with denim shorts during the day. The Miss Selfridge top I would say would look fab dressed down with leggings and sandals and then on a night out with wet look leggings/disco pants.

I’d seen this dip dye tee on Llymlrs and from the images I’m pretty impressed with the quality of it- yes it is pricey at £40 however I believe when it comes to basics (note at times) you get what you pay for. I’ll definitely be ordering this once there is some asos codes about. The Zara messenger bag has already made its appearance in the blogging world, however I’d already ordered this last week after seeing it on Charli’s Instagram. It came yesterday and its love- I’m going to do a separate post on this shortly.

Monki dress- I’ve already done a post on this (here), and the Topshop wedges will work well with this. I’ve never really bothered looking on Forever 21 when I’m shopping online, however I always make mental notes of things which I’ve seen in magazines and on blogs, yet I never get around to looking at them/buying it. When buying jewellery I prefer to see the items in person before buying, so I may wait and see if any high street stores have anything similar in.

I’m in desperate need of some proper running shoes and I’ve come across the ultimate girly running shoes on Spartoo. These Nike bad boys look professional and just look pretty damn amazing. These are definitely going to be getting ordered as thanks to JEM's husband La Simian Mobile Disco (as I call him) I've got a thing for Nike trainers and he'll give me the thumbs up for these Vivus LTR Running shoes. I’ll definately look the part in the gym while attempting to run on the treadmill. If you are looking for new gym/running shoes I can’t recommend Spartoo enough- their selection is so vast you’ll definitely find something you like.

Oh and I also need to save up for a holiday and a trip to Leeds too haha. Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket tomorrow night instead haha.

What are you wanting this payday?? Link me up to your wish lists? Or should that be enable me??