So as I type and schedule this on my lunch at work, the weather outside is miserable, it’s freezing, and I’m coming down with some sort of viral/throat infection I’m feeling quite sorry for myself. So in times like these there is only one way to cure this- online shopping.

Monki is a fairly new brand to the UK and is causing a bit of a stir in the blogging world. I’m all up for new clothes and finding a brand which not many people up in the North East may have heard of is an added bonus. I’ve seen items of clothing from Monki dotted on people’s blogs, and as curiosity got the better of me I had a nose about their website.

On the positive all their items of clothing (they’re in Euros) are dirt cheap, on the negative side- I want just about 99% of their stuff. Especially their Corin dress… just admire the beauty..

The dress is priced at approx £28 and how fabulous will it look teamed with a belt and some black wedges dressed up for a night out. It looks too dressy to be dressed down. Oh I just need it so badly. Yeah you're getting ordered this weekend.

What is Monki sizing like??