So today’s post is about 5 months out of date, as I was supposed to post this just after getting back from Tenerife, however better late than never its getting posted today. On the build up to summer holidays there is always an influx of tan accelerator products on the market. Initially I bought this to boost my tan in Tenerife, after seeing so many rave reviews of it on the internet, and on Ideal World.

Zhuzh! The Tan Accelerator

Zhuzh! Say that their “Tan Accelerator not only moisturises but preps and primes your skin so that when you are out in sunlight you will start to develop your own richer tan much faster. Zhuzh! Tan Accelerator works by speeding up the process where your body's melanin reacts naturally to UV light, accelerating natural tanning, delivering a far richer skin tone whilst allowing you to spend less time in the sun but still achieving maximum results fast”.

Can you spot who loves the Zhuzh!

Now you need to apply this before putting your sun tan lotion on and then you can top it up throughout the day. Normally I would use this first thing on a morning and then spray after I got out of the pool. The product is quiet oily, however it absorbs straight into your skin, and you don’t feel like your going to shoot of the end of your sun lounger. Did it speed up my tan? Nope. I think after being extra precautious in the sun after the other incident in Tenerife, I didn’t actually come back with much of a tan.

I bought this for about £10 from ebay including P+P and the small bottle lasted me the full week. Normally a 200ml retails for £15.99 however on Ideal World they good discounts. Would I buy/use this again? Nope I wouldn’t waste my money. Their website claims that you can also use this for sunbeds, however I can’t comment on this.