After a few comments of Twitter I’ve decided to address the issue of JEM being MIA from the blog. To an extent I’m kinda feeling relief that I am sharing this with you all, however I am I still in two minds. Basically as of today JEM will no longer be involved in “Who is She” – I’ve attempted to write this post many a time and kept pressing delete however I feel like I owe you all an explanation.

Basically myself and Judith are no longer friends.

I don’t tolerate liars and those who show little or in JEMS case no respect to a “so called” good friend. Basically I made a stupid error in lending her my small Chanel bag to use for a recent wedding, those who know me know how much I look after my clothes and designer handbags- items which I have worked hard for and look after. Lets put it this way, my handbag came back to me with red nail polish marks on the hardware as well as inside the bag. Also one of the stitches has come out and now it won’t close properly. JEM stated that the nail polish had nothing to do with her as she was wearing nude on the day and wouldn’t dare touch my bag with wet nails.

I stupidly believed her until pictures surfaced of her on facebook at the wedding, quite clearly wearing red nail polish. To this day JEM is still claiming she is wearing nude polish, even though the pictures state otherwise. She’s refusing to acknowledge that she’s ruined one of my prized possessions and continues to lie about it.

Yes lying over a Chanel bag has cost us our friendship.

So there you have it… anyway on to more positive things, I’ll be posting later with another beauty related post.