Full Repair is the latest range from John Frieda, and no doubt you will have seen their advertising campaigns on the tv/in magazines as well as throughout the blogging community. Over the last few weeks I have been testing various products from the range and now I feel in a position to provide my thoughts. Over the last few weeks I have been reviewing products from their range (here and here) and now its time for me to talk about my favourite two (and must have) products.

Deep Conditioner and Root Lift Foam*

I honestly can’t recommend these products enough- they have worked wonders on my hair, and the best thing about these is that the results can be still be seen when I use other shampoos/conditioners/styling products.
Deep Conditioner- normally I only use this once every 7-10 days and leave on for a couple of minutes. After drying (or left to dry naturally) my hair is shiny and smooth and not frizzy at all. I’ve also noticed a decrease in the amount of split ends I had in my hair when I had it trimmed the other week. However the real test for this was with an old set of hair extensions which were dry and over processed from all the colouring they’ve had to endure. I’d applied this to the full extension, left for 10 minutes and then shampoo and conditioned them as usual. I will have to post pictures, however this conditioner has breathed new life into them- they were smooth, shiny and tangle free. Honestly I can’t recommend this product enough.

Root Lift Foam- another hidden treasure in this range. I never ever use any foam/mousse based products on my hair as other products have left my hair feeling limp and greasy- the root lift foam does the opposite. As you can see in the pictures above the foam is more on the watery side, and a little goes a long way- normally I use the one pump for my entire head. Now it is recommended to use this on the crown, however I use it all over my roots and then dry my hair upside down. Hello big hair!! I’ve found this works well with all products in the range, although I didn’t see much difference whilst using the Deep Conditioner so it may be worth keeping this in mind while using it.
Out of all the other ranges John Frieda do, I have to say this by fair is my favourite, and I would definitely continue to buy both these products featured today (I’ve nearly ran out of the deep conditioner).
Currently both the Deep Conditioner and the Root Lift Foam retail for £5.99 however the entire John Frieda range is currently on offer 3 for 2 in Boots.