Is it me or is it Blogger’s special time of the month? Yesterdays post was supposed to be going live at 4, oh but blogger then decided it didn’t want to publish my Illamasqua bronzer post, but instead delete the post itself. Cheers for that you bellend.

Anyway today its going to be another double whammy of posts, to make up for yesterday- first up is a long overdue notd and later on there’ll be something else later for you to feast your eyes upon.  Todays NOTD is actually a polish belonging to JEM which I may have swiped a while back…

Models Own Vintage Pink

I think MO have definitely gotten the name right for this polish as there is no other way to describe the colour than a dark musky pink shade, which is a fab alternative for a nude nail. Personally I prefer to wear this polish when I’m wearing a more neutral palette as I feel that it compliments the outfit.

As always with MO polishes their consistency and drying time can’t be faulted- I could have easily gotten away with one coat, however as I was going out the night I used this I went for two nails. Personally I never use a top coat with MO polishes as I don’t feel that they need them. Its also worth noting that with this colour I never used a base coat either- my nails weren’t stained afterwards.

The below pictures show how well the polish has lasted for a space of just about a week (Saturday- Friday). The only major chipping can be seen on my thumb, and its worth noting that I work on a computer 9-5 every day. There was no tip wear neither. I really can’t recommend this polish enough.

Models Own polishes retail for £5 each and can be purchased from Boots where they are currently on a 3 for 2 offer.