After my original post here, I’m really on a mission at the moment to get as many products used up before I go out buying more, and I feel like I have been doing well yet I’m still not making a massive dent in my piles of products. I’ll let you all into a cheeky secret I already have post #3 photographed of these and I’ve got another little stock pile of products on my floor ready to photograph.

So… products I’ve used up recently include-

Lush Snow Fairy- I love Snow Fairy, I wish lush made it all year round- normally a bottle of this lasts me normally a good 6 months of so however recently I’ve been using it as a lazy persons bubble bath. I’m gutted its now gone, however I can now move on to other shower products. Would I repurchase?? Pffft what a stupid question, of course I will.

Santex Invisable Deodorant- what can you write about a deodorant? It smells nice, and stops you from smelling of sweat. Jobs a good un. I’ll definitely repurchase this as it doesn’t leave white marks on your clothes.

Nivea Double Protect Deodorant- for some reason I seem to have quite a collection of these, and I normally have these in my gym bag. I’m not going to lie, I can’t stand the scent of these and after I’ve gotten through these no way will I be repurchasing. However for travelling the size of the product is idea- that’s the only positive thing I can say about these.

Spa Deep Cleansing Facial Wipes- I’ve raved about these Home Bargain’s facial wipes numerous times on the blog and how these are the only wipes I’ll use on my face after a night out before I pass out in bed. Always handy when your swatching make up, and they do a really good job of removing off make up from my skin. Would I repurchase- already done so.

JPG Classique- obsessed with this perfume, this was one of my first ever “going out” perfumes. Love how when you wear it people instantly know what perfume you’re wearing, and how long lasting it is. I’ve currently still got some left in a larger bottle, and I’m sure I’m owed one from last Christmas from the parents. Would I repurchase- definitely (well someone else can buy me it).

Chanel Coco Mademoiselle- another perfume which I adore, for some reason in my perfume collection I have large 100ml bottles and then smaller ones which I take out with me. I still have a small bottle of this left, yet I kept reaching for that over this. Will I repurchase- yes (and I’ll even buy it myself).

He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse- I’ve previously reviewed this here, and for a period this has been my HG fake tan for my legs as you get the same effect as 2-3 layers of tan in one. However lately I’m not going to lie I really haven’t been feeling it, and I think its time to move on to other dark tans (St Tropez Dark I’m on about you). Would I repurchase- not at this moment in time.

Mac Hue- one of my HG lipsticks has finally come to an end. I’ve depotted what’s left of the bullet into a little pot to fully use it up. Foe me Hue is your perfect pinky nude, and the first lipstick I’ve ever used up. Of course I’d repurchase this, however JEM kindly bought me a back up for my birthday back in January so I’m sorted.

Barry M Pink Flamingo- now as you can see there is still product left in this bottle. I’d previously reviewed this here after I came back from Tenerife, however randomly in Tenerife I’d somehow managed to get dirt in the bottle. So every time I’ve gone to paint my nails PF I get little black specks all over it, therefore I had to bin it. And yes I’ve already repurchased it ;)

Are any of yous currently doing a project 10 pan? If so link me up below