After the black gels incident (here) I'd noticed that in the changing rooms at my gym the beauty salon was offering shellac for £17. I've read so many positive reviews on shellac, and I thought instead of wasting £25 at my cousins hairdressers I would give this a try instead. Rosie decided to get hers done as well so we decided to make an afternoon out of it.

The CND colour range was limited however the colours which were avaliable there would have been a shade which suited you. Rosie chose bright purple, whereas predictable me went straight for a dark purple/black which turned out to be a called Fedora. Really the reason why I was drawn to this colour was for one simple reason only- its a dupe for OPI Lincoln Park After Dark my all time favourite nail polish.

There's the proof!!

I have to admit the application everything about this was so much better compared to my gel overlays. However I was gutted as I very slightly chipped the corner of my index finger the day after on my disco pants zip :( however it wasn't noticeable. The only difference I found with shellac compared to gel overlays is when the shellac is starting to grow out (more so on the second and third weeks) I would get my nails caught in my hair.

I eventually decided to soak these off after three weeks of wear, purely as I wanted to try my new OPI shades on my nails instead. As with the gel overlays I soaked these off with the Elegant Touch remover, and applied my Mavala Scientifique over the top. I must admit I was very impressed with the state of my natural nails underneath- I don't know if this was due to the Shellac or the continious use of the Scientiqiue. I'm going to do an update post on my natural nails in the next few weeks.

Has anyone tried the OPI gels yet??