Its another double whammy of posts for you today considering yesterdays second post decided it didn’t want to publish (cheers for that blogger), so first up is a beauty post and then later today there’ll be a big fat dose of fashion (oh how I’ve missed you).

One of my pet peeves when it comes to foundation is how I am never the same shade after I’ve fake tanned. Normally my natural skin is a NW20 in Mac and I can make the colour work for me. Post tanning I’ve been matched from NC20, NW25, NC35, and personally I would say NW25 is the shade which normally works well for me. Lately I’ve been wanting to wear more foundations during the day when my fake tan is wearing off so I thought instead of wasting money on a more high end foundation I would see what Boots has to offer.

Initially I was wanting to try the Boujouis foundation, however as 17 was on 3 for 2 I thought I would pick up two of their foundations (Miracle Matte and Photo Flawless) and a back up of my HG mascara (17 Wild Curls). As I was semi-tanned I found that “fair” was a good match for my skin, so picked up both foundations in that shade. Now looking at Photo Flawless- its obvious that the wrong label has been put on this bottle as its no way fair. Luckily this is a perfect match for my tanned skin so I’m sorted for nights out.

However look closely to the Skin Perfecting and Miracle Matte- both claim to be “fair” yet look nothing alike once worked into the skin. Is it too much to ask for a bit of consistency? Do we really have time to stand and swatch shade upon shade in a store to find the perfect match when we should just be able to go and pick up a shade and it be the same regardless of the formula etc.

For me the Miracle Matte foundation just won’t work into the skin at all, and is far too pale, yet the Skin Perfecting is the perfect match. Is it just me or do you all have this problem when it comes to buying drugstore foundations??