If you read my post last week of the launch of the Benefit Brow Bar in Debenhams Middlesbrough you will know that I got my eyebrows tinted and waxed*. If you follow me on Instagram (@RayWhoisShe) you will have already seen the picture I’m going to post below but there is also another better picture of the colour of the brows but I’m pulling a “special” face, so if you want to see it you’ll have to follow me on Instagram won’t you haha.

Anyway lets talk about my ex non-existent eyebrows which were a very light shade of brown, so light infact I could dye my hair any colour and could get away with it as my brows just blended in. I’ve never ever filled my eyebrows in for nights out, and I would occasionally get them waxed and then pluck in between. When I got my make up done for Holly’s wedding trial, there was an incident which involved my eyebrows and a Bad Gal Eyeliner. I think you can imagine the image (Scouse Brow on crack), so since then I haven’t allowed people to touch my eyebrows.

In January while shopping with Maxine the SEED I picked up Lingering eyebrow pencil from the Mac counter, and have been using this on nights out to fill my brows in with. At the Benefit event the lovely mua and brow experts talked me through how to brow map- which even though the same procedure is used on each client, the results are totally unique and compliment your face shape/structure. I’m not going to attempt to describe how they do it, so you can look at this lovely picture below.

Onto the tinting- my colour was built up first with a light brown, then light/medium brown mixed together and then with medium brown by itself- each tint was on my brows for 30 seconds and then wiped off. Looking back I wish I had gone straight in with the medium, as the results are very natural. Ben then got on to filling my brows in with their Brow-zings kit in medium. I was told the tint should last 2-3 weeks on your brows, however it’s been 4 weeks today and there is still colour left in my brows. I’m going to Newcastle on Friday to get them waxed and tinted again – apparently there are brow bars attached to Benefit counters in Fenwicks, Debenhams, John Lewis and Boots so I’m spoiled for choice.

The picture below was taken in the changing rooms at Primark as I had to send a picture to Christine at work as she wanted to see my brows.

Top/dress- Vivienne Westwood, Jeans- Primark, Belt- Topshop, Jacket- New Look, Boots (not seen)- Primark, Bag- Chanel (Medium/Large).

I'm a brow convert now!!!