I don’t know if it’s just me, but come holiday time I always have the age old dilemma of what shoes I should take. These are the questions which go through my mind-

Do I take flats? Heels? Flip Flops? What shoes do I travel in? How many pairs of shoes should I take? Do I pack my shoes in my suitcase, or put it in my hand luggage so I can pack some more clothes?

I took a pair of heels with me to Tenerife last year (the first time around), wore them for one night and lasted about 2 hours as my feet were hurting- and these were from what I would call my “comfy” heels. Second time around I didn’t bother taking heels, yet didn’t feel dressed on nights out.

So after some thinking I’ve decided that realistically you only really need 4 pairs of shoes to take away with you. Some comfy shoes to travel in (or flip flops)- Toms/Keds are ideal. Then there is flip flops for during the day- I normally have some Birkenstock esq sandals. For nights either a pair of flip flops/sandals in either black or tan (depending on what outfits your taking) and then if you’re one of the lucky ones who can wear heels abroad without your feet swelling up- a pair of wedges.

These are my current favourite picks-

I really want the O'Neill Razzle flip flops as they would be perfect for nights out- especially as they come in both black and tan, but then again I do love the entire Havaianas range. Right I really need to get a holiday booked so I've got an excuse to buy them!!

Whats your approach to packing shoes for your holidays?