When it comes to fashion and nights out, men seriously have it so easy. Jeans- check, tee- check, shoes- check. However the other week while I was grabbing some fresh air outside of Loveshack I overheard a conversation between a group of men. This conversation really surprised me as they were stood winding each other up over what shoes they were wearing (no I’m not winding you up). This got me thinking and next time your on a night out have a look at what men have on their feet, or take a sneaky peek into your other half's wardrobe.

I’m guessing it’ll be one of the following styles- high top trainers, low top trainers, boat/canvas shoes, boots (or as I call them pit boots),and smart (work) shoes.

Have you also noticed if a guy thinks a certain style of shoe works for them they’ll normally buy the same shoe in each different colour, or buy slight variations of a particular style. I’ll use my guy friends as an example- one will only be seen on nights out wearing converse, another will wear brogues, one wears boots, and the other won't be seen out wearing anything but Vans. It’s only once in a blue moon you’ll actually see them wearing something different. I know men like to get their cheeky digs in about how bad us women are when it comes to shoes… but at least we know how to step outside the (shoe) box with the choice of shoe styles we put on our feet ;)