I’ve been using Avoplex now constantly for about 6 weeks and I now feel in a position to be able to provide a more accurate review. OPI recommend that you use this twice a day on your cuticles however I apply this every time I wash my hands at work as the soap is very drying on my hands. Normally if I’m not a work I apply two-three times a day. Considering you get 15ml of product you literally need the smallest amount, and I’ve hardly made a dent in my bottle- it looks unused.

OPI state that their Avoplex products are rich with natural moisturisers and the natural avocado oil and phospholipids soak deep to nourish skin, cuticles and your nails. Plus as Avoplex is so gentle on your skin you can also use it if you have extensions/gel overlays on your nails and it won’t cause any damage.

Prior to using Avolplex my nails weren’t in the best of condition- I used to suffer from bad snag skin which would at times be painful. However since using this and refraining from picking the skin, my nails haven’t been in a better condition. I’ve noticed that if I don’t use Avoplex I start to suffer from bad skin, so I make sure I take time out daily to apply this. My overall nail condition has also improved greatly since introducing both this and Mavala Scientifique into my routine- since January one, yes one nail has snapped and that was purely due to me catching in my seatbelt. I still suffer from the odd peeling nail however I deal with it as and when.

Personally I really enjoy the scent of Avoplex products, however I know it’s not to everyone’s taste. I’ve never seen this on the net yet, so this may purely be a rumour however there is going to be a fragrance free Avoplex range coming out. Normally this retails in Boots/Sallys for about £18-19 however I paid about £8.50 with my cousins discount card in a recent haul. However if you are in no rush you can get this off ebay (including p+p from America) for about £7-8 (seller Beautyzone2007).