I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with the gym- the majority of the time I hate the place. My New Years Resolution was to go once a week (I’ve kept it up) however on average I aim to go three times a week for at least an hour. Do I feel like I’ve lost weight or toned up? Nope. However the last few sessions while going at it on the cross trainer I’ve been thinking about gym fashion. To be honest I look a right clip and do I care nope. What’s the point in spending loads on a gym wardrobe, when that money could be put towards non-gym clothing.

Converse All Star Ox £34.99 and  Nike Woman's Air Vivus £55.80 via Spartoo

That’s when I started thinking about how individual people’s gym shoes are- obviously everybody is in trainers, but the vast variety of trainers people were wearing. No doubt when you did PE at school practically everyone in your class had the same brand of trainers. However at the gym people wear Converse in a variety of colours to bright pink Adidas trainers to plain white plimsoles. So I’ve decided to purchase some new Nike running shoes- my excuse being that I need some decent running shoes. I decided to purchase these as I was drawn to the fluro orange accents (well neon is in fashion) and then accidently these marine Converse ended up in my basket too.

I now feel like I’ll look the part in the gym now with my snazzy new footwear.