Oh it’s starting to become a bit of a pain this shopping my stash (I hate this phrase) business, its starting to become a bit of a chore having to use the same products over and over again. Plus then there is some products which I thought were just about used up, but oh no they just like to continue giving and giving and giving (Max Factor False Effect I’m talking about you). However one positive to come from this is that the only beauty item I’ve purchased lately is some new deodorant- I’m living the dream I know.

But… its now coming to the stage when I’m running very low on items which I would deem are necessary and I am going to have to repurchase- Botanics Red Shampoo and Conditioner (currently on 3 for 2 in Boots), Revlon Nutri Colour, St Tropez Mousse and Crest Whitening Strips. I can definitely get away with rationing my fake tan and Nutri Colour toner and repurchase at the end of the month and I’ll get some Whitening Strips while I can. But needs must and the shampoo/conditioner are needed, and after an incident in the hairdressers which have resulted in about 4 inches of my hair being cut off I’ve had to buy some Lee Stafford Hair Growth Products to get my longer hair back (even though its still long-ish).

Anyway onto the products I’ve used up-

St Tropez Mousse- I always end up coming back to this tan and I would say that this is my favourite tan ever. Normally I purchase the 240ml bottle from ebay for about £16 and this lasts me a good couple of months. One coat is enough on my top half for a night out and then I do two on my legs- for some reason my upper body takes tan better than my legs. I currently have half a bottle of my back up left and I’ll be repurchasing, however I do want to try their new dark mousse.

Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb (30ml)- I’ve got about 3 bottles of this open at the moment, different sizes for different bags and all that jazz. This is one of my favourite perfumes and you can instantly tell when someone is wearing it. I’ll definitely repurchase this from duty free, unless I can find someone who wants to buy me a bottle… hint hint.

Primark Lipbalm- 50p for two lip balms you can’t be robbed. It tastes like plastic, is a bit grimy on your lips, but it keeps them moisturised. Will I repurchase? Nope I’d rather use Vasaline and I HATE vasaline.

Kiehls Crème De Corps and Ultra Facial Moisturizer- I’ve had these products for so long and I’m finally glad to be rid of them. I’m really not a fan of Crème de Corps and wouldn’t be repurchasing- it seems a bit of a waste of money. As for the Ultra Facial Moisturizer I felt that it was a bit “watery” and I would prefer it to be of a more thicker consistency. I’m undecided as to whether I would buy this again, I would probably try another face cream from the range instead.

Soap and Glory Body Wash- who doesn’t love Soap and Glory? Exactly nobody. Steph bought me this for Christmas, and I’ve also been using it for bubble baths as you do. Would I repurchase? Definitely.

There’s still loads of items left in my blog sale (below)- please buy my stuff ;)