It’s a double whammy of posts today and tomorrow from me, as I said I wanted to post everyday in May and due to two very long and manic days at work I haven’t had time to post. So post one of two is already up (see below) and for the second post I’m sharing with you a product which I very rarely go without using on a daily basis.

Yes it’s a first aid spray.

Even though I have my ears pierced twice, well three times but that was an accidental piercing by myself (moral of the story always look into the mirror when putting earrings in)- I never wear earrings on my lower lobes. However over the last year I have caught the piercing bug and have acquired 4 new piercings (tragus, helix, and opposite my tragus can’t remember what its called on my right ear, and then my anti helix on my left ear). I’ve been lucky and haven’t had any infections in my ears from the piercings- the only real trouble I have been having is if I sleep funny and then it flares up for a couple of days and then goes away.

My Treacle Muccy recommended this spray to me as her ears are full of metal and if you dare look at one of her piercings it will flare up and become infected and this is what she uses. I spray this morning and night on the front and back of each piercing and clean with a cotton wool bud. However this is rather drying on the skin, so normally every other day I will use dettol to clean my piercings and to prevent my skin from drying out.

I paid about £3 for this from Tesco and it’s lasted me everyday since last August and there is still well over half a bottle left. If you have piercings I'd definately recommend picking one up.