At times being so tall has its advantages- however the downside is having flippers for feet. As I’m getting older my feet are shrinking (hurrah) and shopping for shoes have become less traumatic and more enjoyable. In most places I normally wear an 8 with the occasional 7, even those most places do cater for a size 9. However at times you come across the one pair of sandals which you know you need to have in your life.

Even if they make your feet throb and you struggle to walk in them you’re still obsessed- let me introduce you to these beauties from Missoni.

I do hold quite a soft spot for Missoni and I just love their prints, and these heels don’t necessarily scream out Missoni but you still can tell they are Missoni. Personally these heels are so versatile and can easily be worn with a variety of different outfits. Personally I would wear these with jeans and a white blazer, and have the shoes as a statement. Yes the shoes are pricey however as they are from a major fashion house and in their signature print are worth the investment in my eyes.

Just a shame they don’t go up to my size :(