As a massive fan of Vivo's Baked Bronzers I've always been very interested in seeing if their Baked Blushes lived up to the same hype. After finally using up all of my Accessorize Scandal blush I decided that for my next drugstore blush I would try a Vivo blush. In particular the shade which seems to appear the most on people's blogs..

Many people have commented saying that this is a dupe for the famous Stereo Rose by Mac however personally from looking at swatches of Stereo Rose I don't see the similiarity. I would say that the look/feel/formulation/colour payoff of Vivo blushes is similiar to Mac Mineralize blushes which personally I am a fan of, however Vivo is a quarter of a price at a very purse friendly £4.

I've found it quite hard to capture its true colour as in different lights it looks more peachy, other lights more pinky. However I would say that the picture on the right is more accurate. Normally I apply this with a kabuki brush onto my cheeks first thing on a morning (7am) and I apply quite a bit of colour so by lunchtime there is still some colour payoff on my cheeks. Personally I feel that if I wanted this colour to last all day I would have to top up at lunchtime, however as I'm stuck behind my desk all day and I'm not going to meet the man of my dreams where I work- I'm not that
bothered about reapplying.

I've been using this now every day for the last 6 weeks, and I've literally just made a dent in the product- you definately get value for money and I'm definately going to repurchase this and maybe a more pinky blush (I never look at the names when I'm at the stand- bad blogger I know).

If you live in the Durham area, Tesco at Dragonville (Gilesgate) stock the full range, and you can also order from their website.

Right I'm off to get ready to go to Nandos with my favourite Gay aka my wife for some chicken and a bitch, and to get the items sorted for tomorrow's blog sale- keep your eyes peeled for that!! And its sunny- hurrah. Oh and HAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII to my new followers xxx