I think you will have probably noticed that the disco pants are becoming a bit of a staple in my "going out" outfit posts. I should also add to that my Topshop leopard print heels too, as they are hands down the most comfy pair of heels I own.

On a side note I don't understand the obsession with blokes and wet look leggings/disco pants as some guy was that impressed I got thrown over his shoulder, as you do in Durham. Anyway I'm obsessed with this top from Zara which you can get in a range of colours- I'd initally seen the yellow version on Gem and have wanted it ever since. My local Zara (Metro Centre) only had the yellow and pink versions in when I went with JEM the other week and after trying them on in the changing rooms the pink version definately suited my skin tone. I bought this in a large, when really I should have bought a medium as its far too big around my neck/shoulders, however the large was slightly longer than the medium.

Kayleigh also wore wet look leggings this night with a snazzy leopard print top, and at one point we were debating whether to attach her leggings to her knickers with kirby grips as she was keep loosing them- the skinny bugger. I don't actually remember much past 1am that night, as we were mortal- mortal like hew- STANDARD.
Necklace- Topshop (in store, unavaliable online).
Shoes- Topshop (last season avaliable on ebay)
Top- Zara (link)
Bag- Chanel XL Jumbo
Bracelets- Primark/Topshop/Ebay
Disco Pants- American Apparel via Asos (link)

Everything is always fine in Buddha...


Cheap drink in Loveshack does this to you..