Essie Sand Tropez £7.99 Boots

Sometimes after a hell of a lot of resistance I give into "blogging hype" normally I try and resist and thoroughly research new products/swatch them to see if I like them etc before buying. Well cue a Sunday morning trip to the Metro Centre and lo and behold I find myself in Boots standing in front of the Essie stand with the good intentions to see what polishes I like the look of in the bottle and then make a mental note of the shades and go back and buy what I liked. Pah did that happen, balls did it. After a lot of deliberation between Sand Tropez and the nude on the shelf to the right of it (really can't remember the name) I went with Sand Tropez.

Do I really need yet another nude in my nail polish collection? Well I suppose if you're going for wearability the answer is yes. However if all Essie polishes are exactly like this I'm not going to lie I'm bloody converted. This polish is fab- first up the colour, I would describe this as a slightly more nude version of Models Own Utopia- actually if you mixed Utopia and Nude Beige together this is the shade you would get. Its the most perfect work/play nail polish and the consistency is not too thick, but thick enough to dry quickly. The pictures above are two coats with a coat of Seche Vite on top and this lasted me 4 days without any chipping which I think is good going. Also its worth nothing the brush- apparently its different from the original Essie brushes (I can't comment) and its wide and flatter which is brilliant for those like me who have wide finger beds.

Now I just need to decide what colour I want next. Oh and if your from the Durham area you can find Essie polishes in Boots in Middlesbrough (town centre), Metro Centre, Newcastle (Eldon Square) and Team Valley and they appear to be mixed in with the normal make up brands so keep your eyes peeled.