You've already seen a sneaky peek of the box on here, and you'll have seen these pictures on my Instagram (@RayWhoisShe). Sometimes when shopping online you always need to look at the bigger picture- just because a site may predominately sell shoes, that doesn't mean it sells other accessories. While browsing for some new sandals I came accross a whole range of Vivienne Westwood leather goods at a really good price. Now you will all know what happened next I spotted a purse I liked- click, buy, jobs a good un. There's something about Vivienne Westwood fabrics/design which I am obsessed with- from her tartain to squiggle prints. Normally when I buy purses they're also in a block colour, however I just couldn't resist this to liven my handbag up during the day. There's plenty of space for notes, coins and cards, and it fits nicely in your hand, ideal for when your trying to juggle change, your purse and a drink at the bar. Personally I can't fault anything from Vivienne Westwood and if I win the lottery this weekend I'll be there like a shot.

However if someone wants to buy me a pair of pirate boots I'll love you for life.