It’s starting to scare me how fast time is whizzing over and we’re now officially in June. I’m still trying to use as many beauty products up as I possibly can and May was a month I didn’t buy any beauty products (bar one), however over the last few days I have had a slight slip up and spent about £12ish on essentials, which realistically isn’t bad going. However I have rediscovered some old favourites-

ELF Studio Powder Brush- I reviewed this earlier on in the month (here) and due to the lush weather we’ve been having I’ve only been wearing my Mac MSFN as a foundation and this is the perfect brush to use to apply it.
17 Falsifeye Mascara- I’ve nearly used all this up, and it’s a fab little mascara to wear on a daily basis for work. Mine has started to dry out a bit now and to be honest this mascara works way better dry. This lengthens and separates my lashes and makes me look (half) awake on a morning. I normally also take this out with me on nights out as if I loose it, it’s not breaking the bank to replace.
Lee Stafford Hair Treatment- this is the only beauty purchase I’ve made this last month due to the hairdressing incident which has left my hair with bloody short layers in and missing about 5 inches of hair in places. So I’ve been whacking this on, laying off the heat and hoping that my hair will grow. In the last 4 weeks judging by my roots I think my hair has grown about a cm. Although my hair does grow fast I think I will give the credit to this product. Oh and it also smells of Angel perfume too. Winner winner chicken dinner.
Mac Copperplate Eye Shadow- try this with the following colours- Satin Taupe and Typographic/Print and you will be amazed. Really versatile eye shadow, a good slate grey shadow.

Opi Glitter Mini- I posted a picture of this on my nails on Instagram the other week and its just a fab colour for a bit of bling on your nails at work. I got this free in an old Joile Box (Boudior Prive) and it doesn’t have a name, but its a smooth glitter polish- no grit in site and it lasts ages on your nails.
Random Eyelash Conditioner- Again I got this in a old Joile Box and I use this a couple of times a week before going to bed. I don’t know if it actually works wonders on your eye lashes however a bit of tlc doesn’t go a miss.

Benefit Brow-zings Kit (Medium)*- I did an in depth review on this here. Totally obsessed with it. On a random note did you see the picture which Tor posted on Instagram (@thatspeachy) of me getting my eyebrows tinted on Saturday? Its worth a look.
Hope your all enjoying your Monday- I’m on a massive eBay mission.

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